Reach Customers on Warrior Plus

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Course Description

Learn How to Use Warrior Plus In About One Hour

In this Course, You’ll Find Out How To Use Warrior Plus to Create and Promote Information Products

Course Content

Video Course - Volume One

Volume One: Necessary Basics: 21 Over the Shoulder Mp4 Videos
0001 Vendor Rights Declaration
0002 Vendor Optional Customer Fields
0003 Upgrade Customer Subscription
0004 Vendor Same Product Different Offer and Funnel
0005 Delete a Product From An Offer
0006 Two Products One Offer One Sales Page
0007 Different Sales Page Same Offer
0008 Adding Affiliate Bonuses to Upsell Offer
0009 Special Considerations for Affiliate Upsell Bonuses
0010 Vendor Post Sale Webinar
0011 Extended Customer License Terms
0012 Purchase Your Product with Bitcoin
0013 Manage Your Subscriptions as a Buyer
0014 Connect Your Product to Wishlist Member
0015 Vendors Having A Private Sale
0016 Showing Sold Out On Your Product Buy Button
0017 Price Increases at Midnight EST
0018 Start to Finish Create a Product
0019 Start to Finish Set Up Your Offer
0020 Start to Finish Allow Affiliates to Promote Your Product
0021 Applying to Promote As an Affiliate

Video Course - Volume Two

Volume Two: Advanced Over the Shoulder Videos
0001 VENDOR Allow Another Vendor To Sell Your Warrior Plus Product
0002 VENDOR Get Approval to Use Another Vendors Warrior Plus Product In Your Funnel or Offer
0003 VENDOR Adding Another Warrior Plus Vendor Product To Your Offer
0004 VENDOR Use Your Own Button To Sell Your Product
0005 VENDOR Tracking Your Offer Links
0006 VENDOR Set Up A Countdown Timter
0007 VENDOR Set Up A Buyer Leaderboard
0008 VENDOR Deleting Products and Offers From Warrior Plus
0009 AFFILIATE What Launch Contests Can I Participate In
0010 AFFILIATE What Launches are Coming Up to Promote On Warrior Plus
0011 AFFILIATE When Will I Be Paid for A Sale I Made
0012 AFFILIATE Automate A Commission Bump for Specific Affiliates
0013 VENDOR Make a Zapier Connection To Warrior Plus
0014 VENDOR Connect Zapier to A Course Platform
0015 VENDOR Set Up A Zoom Webinar After Sale
0016 VENDOR Export My Individual Product Buyer Information
0017 VENDOR Export My Entire Warrior Plus Database of Customer Information
0018 VENDOR Affiliate Credit for Download Page Product Sales
0019 VENDOR One Source for Warrior Plus Affiliate Sales
0020 VENDOR Set Up A Home Page for Affiliates to Promote

Video Course - Volume 3

Volume Three: Advanced Over the Shoulder Videos
0001 The Vendor Tab Vendor Dashboard
0002 The Offer Tab Link
0003 The Product Tab
0004 The Customer Tab
0005 The Transactions Tab
0006 The Stats Tab Link
0007 Creating an Offer Part 1
0008 Creating an Offer Part 2 Excluding Affiliate Set Up
0009 Creating an Offer Part 3 Setting Up for Affiliates
0010 Connect Your Autoresponder
0011 Creating Your Product to Connect to Your Offer
0012 Creating Your Product to Connect Part 2
0013 Setting Up A Subscription Product
0014 Setting Up a Free Product
0015 Setting Up a Single Priced Product
0016 Connecting and Activating Your Product
0017 Setting Up a JV Partner Contract
0018 Setting Up for Affiliates to Promote
0019 Set Up An Affiliate Contest
0020 Set Up A Coupon for an Affiliate