The Strategic Marketing Playbook

$0.00 2 Sections 40 Lessons

Course Description

Strategic Marketing Puts You in Control of Your Business

Whether you are deciding on how you’re going to do SEO to get more traffic or how you’re going to use coupons and discounts, these core principles will give you the tools you need to know exactly what to do and WHY you’re doing it.

Timeless Evergreen Marketing Principles For Any Niche.

Course Content

Video Course Basic

Basic Training
0001 USP - Creating A Website to Use As Home Base
0002 USP - Using Page Systems For Communication
0003 USP - Using Course Platforms for Additional Information
0004 USP - Determining Why Customers Buy From You Survey Tool
0005 Using Memberships for Exclusivity
0006 Providing Automated Support
0007 Providing Personal Communications
0008 Using a Shopping Cart System For Vertical Funnels
0009 GROWTH Creating an Upgrade
0010 GROWTH Creating a Community Upgrade in Facebook
0011 GROWTH Create A Private Community
0012 GROWTH Using a Landing Page for Horizontal Funnels
0013 LIST DATABASE Using An Autoresponder
0014 LIST DATABASE Adding a Purchaser to Our List
0015 LIST DATABASE Write a Broadcast E Mail to Your List
0016 LIST DATABASE Automated E Mail Campaign
0017 ALLIANCES JV AFFILIATES Affiliate Marketing
0018 ALLIANCES JV AFFILIATES Partner Marketing
0019 ALLIANCES JV AFFILIATES Partner Contracts
0020 ALLIANCES JV AFFILIATES Sales Tracking Systems

Video Advanced Course

The Strategic Marketing Playbook Advanced Course
0001 Free Education Systems Webinars and Live Streams
0002 Direct Response Conversion AI
0003 Direct Response Copy AI
0004 Direct Response Testimonials
0005 Direct Marketing Opt In
0006 Media Marketing Haro
0007 Haro as a Journalist
0008 Creation of Information Product and Connection
0009 Zapier To Make Connections
0010 Set Up a Shopping Cart Product
0011 Setting Up a Bump Offer
0012 Set Up An Automated Campaign
0013 Set Up GoToWebinar with Bump Offer Customers
0014 Set Up A Zoom Webinar
0015 Multi Stream to Social Media and Video Sharing
0016 Zoom Connection to Other Platforms
0017 Physical Products to Attain a Snail Mail List
0018 Sales Tracking with Your Autoresponder
0019 Tracking with Google Analytics
0020 Connecting Analytics to Your Autoresonder